Business Advisory - Corporate Finance

With growing competition and increasing economic sophistication, more companies need business strategies for mergers, acquisitions, stock exchange listings and restructurings. In addition to helping clients gain access to investment capital, CWCC provides expertise in identifying quality investment opportunities to further enhance shareholders' value.

Our professional corporate finance consultancy team provides a full range of services which include:
Transaction advisory
By identifying and evaluating potential candidates for merger, acquisition, strategic alliances or joint ventures, we provide practical advice to create value for clients. This extends to a wide range of valuation service, including M&A strategy, planning, and analysis of the implications of proposed transactions for accounting and taxation purposes. We also assist in developing negotiating strategies, establishing an appropriate price and closing deals.

Due diligence
A thorough investigation of the business, legal and financial issues surrounding a commercial venture is necessary to identify areas for resolution, It is the only way to mitigate risk exposure, reduce the possibility of acquiring unseen liabilities, and ultimately make a well-informed decision. Our planned and disciplined approach to due diligence is cost-effective and thorough, involving a close examination of:

The quality and sustainability of earnings and cash flow
The reliability of financial information
The condition and value of assets
Liabilities and potential liabilities
Accounting systems and controls
Key operational processes and information systems, and
The tax implications of deal structures.

  Investment capital
We have expertise in arranging financing from various sources which range from commercial banks, institutional investors and venture funds to private placement of debt and equity, and other capital sources.

  Initial public offering
To streamline the process of listing on the Stock Exchange in Hong Kong, our IPO specialists guide clients through every stage of the process. After conducting feasibility studies, we determine the benefits and limitations of listing in Hong Kong and/or on overseas stock markets to give a comprehensive recommendation. We provide a full range of IPO services, including:

Consultation on preparation for the listing, including corporate restructuring
Provision of professional services required for due diligence and compliance
Liaison with other professionals required for listing, such as sponsors, underwriters, lawyers and valuers, and
Consultation on post-listing compliance requirements.

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