Business Advisory - Japan

To be successful, trade and interaction with Japanese firms requires detailed knowledge of the country's customs, culture and business practices. Realizing this, CWCC decided to set up a business advisory desk exclusively for Japanese clients more than fifteen years ago.

This desk now has a multilingual team of native Japanese-speaking staff, dedicated to providing tailor-made services to meet the needs of Japanese firms. Together with teams working in Hong Kong and offices in mainland China, we can also offer assistance to individuals exploring and developing business opportunities in Hong Kong and mainland
China for them. In addition, it is possible to help companies from around the world that are interested in investing in Japan or making contacts with potential Japanese business partners.

Contact Points
Partner Eddie Chan (852) 2956-2288
Manager Takayuki Murota (852) 3102-3212
Manager Aki Hung (852) 2956-3302